Rising Damp Walls

Digging down to Foundation


  • Dig down to foundation
  • Chop plaster to brick work
  • Extend foundation
  • Waterproofing
  • Backfill
  • Re-plaster

Preparation 1 - Dig down

Dig down along the wall from ground until foundation level

Preparation 2 - Chop

Chop the wall plaster off, up to brickwork from ground to 1m high

Preparation 3 - Extend Foundation

Pour concrete with C-36 Admix to extend foundation lip.

Waterproofing 1 - Sealpaz

Application of cementiuos latex Sealpaz TWO COATS from extended foundation onto the brickwork up to 1m above ground.

Waterproofing 2 - Elastopaz/Easy Flex

Application of Elastopaz/Easy Flex TWO COATS from foundation up to 1m high.


Installation of GEO-FABRIC onto the treated wall

Back Fill

Back fill the trench with soil up to ground level.

Plaster Preparation - Cement Slush

Application of cement slush onto the exposed waterproofing from ground level up to existing plaster.

Re - Plaster

Application of plaster cement, same level to the existing.

Wall Paint Primer

Application of Sealpaz onto new and existing wall plaster to act as a paint primer.


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Our Reviews

Bitumproof SA provided fantastic service throughout! The crew were efficient, hard working and very approachable. I would highly recommend them for other waterproofing jobs!. Thanks guys!!


Highly satisfied! Technician was on time, efficient and professional. Results excellent. Look no further for the premier waterproofing service in our area...


Great experience with Bitumproof Waterproofing. We had water damage in our basement from some foundation cracks and the company ran as a first class business all the way through. Jose came out to give us a quote that was easily scheduled and he gave a great explanation of what they would do. They have a discount so make sure to ask about that. We had a lot of different jobs going on at the same time and we ended up getting thinking they didn't take the discount off, but Jose called back immediately after we called the office to make sure everything was in good order, and turns out the mistake was on our end. Highly recommended.

Highly recommended Waterproofing Johannesburg

Was very very pleased today they called and came as they said they would! The guy they sent today worked really hard and was a nice guy. I appreciate the good business especially calling me back right away thank you so much! For the last 70 years Pazkar has developed and manufactured sophisticated sealing and insulation materials for the construction and infrastructure industries – offering dozens of types sealants membranes, compounds and coatings. Pazkar allows professionals to provide outstanding sealing properties and protect buildings from infrastructure from the forces of nature. Pazkars research and development is the heart of the company's operation, where creativity and originality meet the most advanced technology' in order to develop reliable professional and creative insulation solutions for customer's waterproofing needs. Customer needs may differ. From industrial waterproofing, commerical waterproofing, or residential waterproofing, Pazkar's products fit all these needs.

Thank you so much

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